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Customs Clearance


Arthur Smith (Grimsby) Ltd have over 30 years of experience advising and completing customs clearances for a range of clients.

Customs Clearance Agents UK

A customs entry is required to be completed for the movement of import and export cargo to and from the UK. 


  • Import Customs Clearances

  • Export Customs Clearances

  • Liaising with HMRC & Border Force

  • Liaising with other government departments including Port Health & DEFRA

  • Advising on documentation and customs procedures

  • Organising customs clearance brokers at the non-UK port or airport

  • Organising payment of Import Duties and Taxes.

  • In-house Customs Clearances

  • Complete freight forwarding service including all customs procedures


Contact us for advice on customs clearances, required documentation and import/export formalities or book the movement of a consignment.

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